Address : Jl. Harijining 102 Kepung Kediri East Java Indonesia
Phone Number : +62 354 394434 - 391163 394999
Fax Number : +62 354 394312
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+ 62 813 346 84 918
+ 62 812 987 71 131

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Galuh Prambanan Hotel

Hotel Galuh Prambanan is the Hotel Resort is located on the outskirts of Yogyakarta, precisely in the small town of Prambanan. Because far from the noise of the city, Hotel Galuh Prambanan featuring natural impression. The atmosphere is still dominated by rice fields and adjacent to the ancient site of Prambanan Temple, Boko Temple and Plaosan.

The facility :* Swimming Pool* Cafe* Musholla* Swimming Pool Supplies Stores* Stage Fun

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