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Global Adventure

Kresna Hotel

Gallery Kresna Wonosobo Hotel is the first international standard hotel in the heart of Central Java and can be easily reached from major cities of Semarang, Yogyakarta and Solo.

It’s located in the cool highland and near several natural, cultural and historical tourist attractions, such as Dieng Plateau, Sikidang Crater, and Telagawarna Lake.

This hill side resort offers a refreshing cool and pollution free environment. The hotel is designed and conceptualized with a fine mixture of the colonial era and traditional Javanese styles.

Ranging from famous guests such as Charley Caplin, Mr. Soekarno, first Indonesia president and many other well-known historic figures. The hotel offers you a peaceful as well as classic and quite ambiance.

We welcome you to stay and become part of the list of our historic guest and satisfied customers.

Address : Jl. Pasukan Ronggolawe No. 30
Wonosobo – Central Java, INDONESIA 56311

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