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Manohara Hotel

Welcome to Manohara Borobudur, a place where peacefull mind found

Manohara Hotel-Borobudur is a classic Java hotel fiiled with cultural pride, where a simplicity blends with serenity & supremacy. Its gracefull architecture, verdant landscape punctuated by palm trees with thesilhouette of craggy peaks in the background.

Located inside of Borobudur Archaeological Park as one of world wonder and the greatest snactuary, the Manohara has gone by the variety of names over its long history.

Originally was built 1987, owned and managed by State-owned Limited Liability Enterpraise as the authority for the park management of Borobudur, Prambanan and Ratu Boko Archaeological Park. It was built as Central for Borobudur Study (CBS), a destination place to archaeologist in the world to perform their activities sunch as workshop, conference, expert meeting and others related to Borobudur nor archaeological world.

Due to high cost of maintaining building and operasional cost consideration so the CBS complex was re-functionalized as a guest house or lodging since June 1, 1991, changed its name to be Taman Borobudur Guest House.

After two years, the Taman Borobudur Guest House was re-named as Manohara Hotel, the name was taken from one story in Jataka Awadhana relief panel in the Borobudur. And the name of Manohara was retained until now as an icon of the closest lodging to reach and explore Borobudur….. the closest to the great sanctuary

Because of its strategic location and there is no two others , hence Manohara hotel becomes a perfect choice for those who want to get closer to Borobudur to take vacation while enjoying the grandeour and famous of Borobudur temple nor religious custom purposes, especially for those Budhist. Uniqueness is what makes almost 95 % of guest staying are foreigners.

Many world leaders and important world figure come round to Manohara during their visit to Borobudur such as the Emperor of Hirohito, the Queen Beatrix of the Netherland, the Presidentn of China, the Prime Minister of Thailand, Prince Charles, the former U.S president Jimmy Carter, former U.S first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and many others.


Manohara provides 30 standard rooms. They are 20 twin beded and 10 double beded and most of twin bed rooms are facing to a greeny rice field and rural surrounding. The other double bed room faces to the wide greeny garden of Borobudur.

Rooms constructed in group which consists of four up to six rooms each and they are side by side each other.

Room facilities:      Air conditioner, Private bath room with shower and bath room (some rooms), Hot water, Minibar, International , Chnannel TV , Telephone

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