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Rumah Boedi Pavilion


Rumah Boedi (RB)’s Pavilion Jogja, Gowongan, is a hide away accommodation in the heart of Jogja. Located in Mangkubumi business area, just a step to Tugu Jogja rail station, next to the legendary street of Malioboro, near university complex that creates us in the perfect location. Even tough located in the business district but we are promising a peace and homey’s ambiance. We still treat an original Jogjanese native house, renovate & combine with the modern style, become best choice if you are bored with ordinary hotel’s rooms, especially if you spend more than 1 day, our homey ambiance will treat you feel likes home. All furnished & equipments designed & choose as like as home. It’s a perfect choice if you want to have a real home at Jogja during your holidays, business trip, medical, or other purposes.

Rumah Boedi (RB)’s Pavilion Jogja, Gowongan, is your second home at Jogja, you could bring small group at Jogja and book all rooms it will become as yours, if you are travel alone you would not become a stranger because you will feel at your own home. As a boutique residence, RB’s Pavilion Jogja is a suitable place, if you plan to have a retirement home at Jogja, or if you are lucky to have replacement job in Jogjakarta and you also could book our accommodation as your long stay place. It will be a perfect location during stay at Jogja, don’t bother if Jogja with the magical city as a Kingdom of Java, attracts people to visit Jogja, fall in love with the atmosphere, ambiance, communities, and decide to move and live in Jogja, or attempt this city as the second cities after their hometown.

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