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Rumah Sleman Private Boutique Hotel

It is our distinct to introduce you to the finest accommodations facilities in Jogja which embraces the highest standards of cuisine, service and surroundings called Rumah Sleman Private Boutique Hotel.

The house was build by one of Darah Dalem from the family of Kasunanan in 1814 at Kampung Sewu – Solo. Using the philosophy of Javanese traditional building. In  the year 1998, using the original lay out and materials, the house was moved and rebuild at Warak Kidul Village, Sleman, Yogyakarta – Indonesia.

For your meeting and private party, you have the priviledge of hosting your guest at Rumah Sleman, a place where the finer things in life hold pride of place. Blending in perfectly with the rhythems of traditional Javanese village life, experience the active and direct contact with the nature, we offer rare luxury and unsurpassed privacy.

Rumah Sleman Suite Room with personal buttler at your service, is available should you call your business associate need to stay in luxurious comfort of residential surrounding and atmosphere where you can find a royal lifestyle with Traditional Javanese food and entertainments.

Our experienced and professionally trained staff will assist you in making every function you hosted at Rumah Sleman, a unique and memorable experience.

Rumah Sleman located 25 minutes from Adi Sutjipto International Airport, 15 minutes from the heart of Yogyakarta, 35 minutes from Borobudur Temples, 10 minutes to Merapi Golf, 20 minutes to Kasultanan Yogyakarta Palace and 60 minutes to Merapi Mountain.

You may enjoy your time with your family & your business partner for having lunch or dinner at our Handrawina Dining Room, Kenanga Lounge or afternoon high tea at Paseban Terrace and Khayangan Gazebo with unique ambience of Javanese Royal Lifestyle.

Rumah Sleman Private Boutique Hotel Yogyakarta was build by One of Darah Dalem from the Family of Kasunanan in 1814 at Kampung Sewu – Solo using the philosophy of Javanese Traditional Building. In the year 1998, using the original lay out and materials, the house was moved and rebuild at Warak Kidul Village, Mlati, Sleman, Yogyakarta – Indonesia. This project is consistent with Owner plan to further keep preserving the Javanese Culture, and give best service, familiar and business traveler-friendly.

The hotel’s accommodation floors with 4 Royal Suite Rooms will be the main part of this project as an additional building.  All rooms will be totally transformed with harmonies interior designs, “a look that is a contemporary take on a traditional theme”. Javanese people have a philosophy of life saying that “Each Family has duty to fulfil their basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. Thus shelter is one of the basic family needs. Shelter is considered as the place where the family gets their calm & tranquillity.
According to the old inscription “PAPRINGAN”, the science of Javanese architecture was born in the 9th century. On the relief of Prambanan temple, established at 9th century, we can see as well some Javanese houses. We can see old Javanese houses at the palace of Yogyakarta and Surakarta, as well as at old cemeteries and mosques in Java.

Architecture of Traditional Rumah Joglo has three main parts called PENDHAPA serves as an audience hall, PRINGGITAN for receiving guest or usually as hall held The Puppet. The main part of this building is called LEFT SETHONG and RIGHT SENTHONG used for family ceremonies or storage room. MIDDLE SENTHONG used for sacred ceremonies to Dewi Sri. The other one is called GANDHOK for bedroom, especially for their colleague or the children and DALEM used for parent’s bedroom. Usually most of Rumah Joglo in Java has backyard for play ground.

24 hours butler service, 24 hours in Room dining, Laundry and valets service complimentary airport transfer and shuttle to city center, Andong Tour Surrounding the village, traditional Javanese massage, afternoon high-tea and billiard. As a private boutique Hotel that concerns a lot on the Javanese Tradition, We offer a private Batik Course and Traditional Dance Performance for our guests who are interested in the Javanese Culture.

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