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Global Adventure

Borneo Jungle River Cruise

PRICE PER PERSON  (contact us)


Tour Include
transport from airport or hotel to boat, guides, accommodationon-board boat, all meals while on boat. acommodation and food is of a high standard.
Tour Exclude

airfares to Central Kalimantan  (Palangkaraya), Travel Insurance, optional off boat tours (see details re off boat tour options)


Cruises may take routes on different rivers depending on the season and other factors, but all cruises offer the same experiences. Also, due to low water levels at some seasons, some upper river excursions may be made by road transport or alternative river craft. Rahai’i Pangun Boat is modern river boat with hight standard of accommodation, foods and maximum capacity for 10persons(customers)

Day 01
Palangkaraya Airport,Rahaii Pangun Boat, Jungle Rungan River Cruise

Upon arrival in Palangkaraya Airport, our staff will pick you up then directly transfer to your comfortable cabin in the Rahaii Pangun. Relax on the viewing deck for a welcoming drink and begin your journey along the forest lined rivers. Steaming through Palangkaraya city and its original boardwalk villages on the river edge, we proceed to the Rungan River.

Day 02
Black Water Lake,Orangutan Rehabilitation Center,Sei Gohong Traditional Village

From the peaceful overnight mooring, we continue along a beautiful stretch of river, perfect reflections in the water, quiet fishing activities, and glimpses of bird life and animal life in the verdant jungle. Stop at the Danau Tahai black water lake, and leave the boat for an optional visit to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Rehabilitation Centre, where, in the education centre, guests will be shown a presentation of their program, and witness a group of the orphaned babies they are rehabilitating to the wild. We continue on the boat, enjoying sunset over the river. Our mooring will be at Sei Gohong, a small traditional village.

Day 03
Mount Tangkiling,Rungan River Cruise,Traditional Dayak Village

At dawn, the energetic can climb nearby Mt Tangkiling. From the summit, watch the forest mist gradually thin out to reveal the sleepy hamlet and the river glistening among the trees. Return to the boat for another delicious fresh brewed coffee and breakfast, as we continue up the Rungan. Watch out for orangutans, macaques, elusive proboscis monkeys, gibbons and langurs, as well as the dramatic bird life  gliding fish eagles and the curious horn bills. We continue to a traditional village for a Dayak welcoming ceremony. Be their honored guest as they introduce many of their livelihood activities, from hulling rice, to carving their machete handles, weaving rattan mats and bags, to building canoes and drying fish. Stroll through their village to see traditional fruits and products of the forest, including the famed durian and rare and expensive perfume vine. Our quiet mooring is adjacent a blackwater lake. Leave the boat in the evening by canoe, and quietly enter the lakes, using the torchlight to spot nocturnal animals.

Day 04
Black Water Lake,Fishing/Canoeing,Tumbang Malahoi Dayak Village

Early morning, join local fisher folk in the nearby black water lake, watch and join in with their fishing practices and canoing skills. Optional fishing excursion. Rejoin the boat and continue on up the river, past long sandy stretches as the river curls its away towards the hills to reach the local centre of Tumbang Jutuh. An optional trip goes a short distance by road to the traditional longhouse village of Tumbang Malahoi. Experience the traditional mountain Dayak way of life in these stilted extended family homes. The village has excellent examples of sapundu, or carved totem poles and sandung, traditional bone houses. Find out about the Dayak faith, Kaharingan, and visit a Temple in the village. Rejoin the boat for the final evening under the stars.

Day 05
Rahaii Pangun Boat,Transfer to Airport,End Tours

Return down river to Tangkiling, where you will be collected for the return journey for you next destination, or to join other tours. Other options include a swim, massage and comfortable night in the Kalimantan Meeting Centre (additional cost) before your return to the urban jungle.

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