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Global Adventure

Global Great Adventure Tour



Tour Include
• Full air Conditioning transport • Friendly English speaking driver that familiar with objects and roads • Petrol, parking fees • Driver meals and his lodging The entrance fees object visited as mention on the iitineraries • Transfer out
Tour Exclude

• Un mention meals • Tips • Un mention meals supplement • Travel insurance • Donation • Entrance fee

What to Bring

• Warmest clothes • Rain coat • Good grip shoes • Sun cream


Half free day in Yogyakarta or optional guided city tour: Opportunityto visit the Kraton (the old walled city) with its Sultan’s Palace built in 1756, the famous bird-market, the water-castle etc., the city’s many and busy colourful markets, its infinity of culinary and shopping possibilities, esp. local crafts such as batic, silver, wood carvings etc. In the afternoon, we leave Yogyakarta by minibus to visit the world-famous monumental Buddhist temple of Borobodur, the largest in Asia. It was built more than 11 centuries ago by the Syailendra Dynasty and later abandoned, probably when volcanic mudflows from Merapi volcano partly buried it at around 1000 AD. The temple was again excavated in 1815 and counts counts today as one of Asia’s major archaeological sites. Including a guided tour, we will spend around 2-3 hours in or near the complex. In the evening, we head back to Yogyakarta. Night as before in Yogya.
(Included: breakfast, transfers with private minibus, entry and guide to Borobodur, hotel night in Yogya; not included: lunch, dinner).


As an optional tour in the morning we canl visit the Mt. Merapi volcano observatory , where all data about Merapi’s volcanic activity are collected, and visit its interesting permanent exhibition about Merapi,- one of Indonesia’s most active – and most dangerous – volcanoes. Otherwise, the morning is at free disposal, for further opportunities to explore Yogya.
At around lunchtime, we leave the town by private minibus, heading towards Merapi volcano; we will take our lunch in a local restaurant on our way in a charming family-restaurant; afterwards, we will drive through the spectacular scenery of Merapi’s flanks with photostops at interesting outcrops such as the deposits of the 1994 pyroclastic flows until we reach the poor village of Selo on the N side of Merapi. Because of the lack of acceptable accomodation we will put a much more comfortable (than any available hotel) camp at the old abandoned volcanological post, already near the trailhead for the climb the next morning. While we build our tents, our guides will prepare a delicious Javanese dinner for us right at the spot (barbeque). Night in tents.
(Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, minibus transfer, camping equipment).


In the middle of the night, we get up from our tents and warm up with a hot tea or coffee and a small breakfast. Equipped with snaks and guided by a local experienced volcanologist, we should reach Merapi Volcano’s summit (2911m, ca. 4 hours) by sunrise. For our safety on this trip gas masks, helmets, radio contact to the observatory will be provided. (Note: the tour can only be undertaken in full if the activity at the summit is not too strong – otherwise, we will arrange an alternative excursion to a viewpoint from where pyroclastic activity can be observed from a maximum of safety).
Sunrise from the top of Merapi is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. From here, we will enjoy not only an amazing view of Java’s other volcanoes, the Indian Ocean and Yogyakarta, but also be right next to the unearthy, demonious creature of what is an active lava dome… After some time spent around and near the active lava dome to study its bizarre rock formations, its violent fumaroles and possibly glowing parts of the active dome, we descend back to Selo, where we have a short rest and lunch.
In the afternoon, the minibus brings us to the town of Solo, where we relax in a comfortable hotel.
(Included: breakfast, equipment and guide for excursion to Merapi, lunch, dinner, minibus transfers, good-standard middle-class hotel accommodation).


Day-trip with minibus to the active mud volcano near Kuwu. A particularly interesting feature, this strange volcano is famous for its boiling mud pool and the sometimes large, spherical mud bubbles that explore like a geyser. In the afternoon, we continue our journey to the small village of Tawangmanggu, already on the slopes of Mt. Lawu volcano, overlooking Surakarta (Solo). Dinner and overnight stay at a simple, but comfortable guesthouse.
(Included: breakfast, minibus, lunch, dinner, night in guesthouse).


From our guesthouse, we walk to Sukuh Temple located in a dramatic setting on the slopes of Lawu volcano in the middle of forests and tea plantations. The temple is the last bastion of Hinduism that remained in Central Java after Islam’s expansion. We will notice some original iconographies, many displaying phallic shapes and turtle-like tables. These relics reveal the past existence of probably orgiastic initiation rites. After the visit to the temple, we start driving to the S coast, reaching a paradise beach by early afternoon, where we will stay in a beautiful hotel next to the beach. lunch in a local restaurant on the way.
(Included: breakfast, minibus transfer, entry to temple and park, lunch, night in middle-class hotel on beach; not included: dinner).


This day is fee, to relax on the beach. A facultative excursion in the afternoon to an impressive nearby limestone cave is offered.
(Included: breakfast, minibus transfer and entry to limestone cave, middle-class hotel; not included: lunch, dinner).


After breakfast and perhaps a morning swim, we leave the S coast and drive through spectacular scenery to the town of Malang, already in E Java, where we stay in a comfortable middle-class hotel. On our way, we pass Kelud volcano with a short visit to its crater (if time permitting).
(Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, minibus transfer, upper middle-class hotel).


The morning in Malang is at free disposal,- opportunity to visit the lively town, that still has some of its former colonial charme. After lunch, we transfer a short distance to the lush mountain resort of Tretes, located in beautiful scenery, already on the slopes of Welirang volcano. Rest of the afternoon at free disposal, facultatively, a short walk to a nearby waterfall can be undertaken. The night is spent in a simple, but nice guesthouse, where we can have a delicous dinner to be well-prepared for the following trek.
(Included: Breakfast, transfers with private minibus, dinner, night in guesthouse; not included: lunch).


Early in the morning, accompanied by porters, we start a demanding trek that leads us through a lush rain forest up towards Mt. Welirang volcano (3157m). This volcano is located next to Mt. Arjuno volcano, hence their name: “The Twins”. A camp will be set up at a 2900 m height, near a village(!), consisting mostly of huts, where the sulphur-mining workers of Welirang live. To compensate for the physical effort during the long trek, two complete meals (lunch and dinner) will be prepared for us. Night in tents.
(Included: breakfast, minibus transfer, lunch, dinner, camping equipment, porters and guides).

DAY 10

Early in the morning, we will climb up the steep final 250m to reach Welirang volcano’s peak. We will stop near the active crater, where we can watch the sulphur miners at work. After breakfast snack on top of the volcano, we start to head down towards Batu village, where our bus will pick us up and bring us back to our well-deserved good-quality hotel in Malang by early afternoon, where the rest of the day is probably spent recovering from the demanding adventure. Lunch on the way.
(Included: breakfast, lunch, porters and guides, tips, minibus transfers, upper middle class hotel; not included: dinner).

DAY 11

After a relaxed breakfast, the minibus brings us to the amazing Tengger-Bromo-Semeru National Park via the rarely used, adventurous western access route (lunch on the way in a local restaurant). When we arrive on the W rim of the huge caldera, we will have a first look onto active Semeru volcano, Java’s highest peak (3676m), our next goal. This approach is an excellent introduction to the environment we will discover later during the trip. We continue a short distance until we reach, by early afternoon, the small village Ranu Pani near the base of Semeru volcano. The beautiful lake at the village invites for a short walk around. In lack of other accomodation, we stay overnight in a simple guesthouse; a briefing about Semeru volcano and the following trek at dinner will end the day.
(Included: breakfast, lunch, minibus transfers, entry to the Tengger-Bromo-Semeru Natl. Park, dinner and night in guest house).

DAY 12

Accompanied by porters and well-equipped with food, cooking and camping gear, we will start a long (ca. 8 hrs), but in most parts easy trek across hills and forests to a wilderness where vegetation disappears in favour of volcanic rocks and ash. Finally, we should have reached a basic campsite below the proper summit cone of Semeru at around 3000 m elevation. Lunch snack on the way, warm dinner at the campsite.
(Included: breakfast, porters,, camping equipment, lunch and dinner).

DAY 13

After a hot tea or coffee, we start well before sunrise and start the final, but demanding climb up the very steep, loose slope of Semeru. As it gets light, the stunning spectacle of the volcano’s eruptions gets slowly into sight. Finally, we will stand on Java’s highest top with an incredible view over the whole of Java and Bali. A bit further, Semeru volcano’s crater belches out its curling clouds of ash. Surely, this will be a highlight in the true send of the word, and remain a vivid picture of our trip. Extreme caution must be excercised while being on the summit plateau,- an approach to the the proper crater rim is off-limits – people have died there… After some time spent on or near the summit plateau, we head back to our second camp, near a lake, where we can relax.
Note: depending on the fitness of the group and weather conditions, we also might go down the long way to Ranu Pani, and skip this camp.
(Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, porters, camping equipment).

DAY 14

We hike back to Ranu Pani, where we have lunch; afterwards, jeeps will bring us to the village of Cemoro Lawang, crossing the sand sea of the Tengger caldera. In Cemoro Lawang we will take our rooms in a comfortable, family-run hotel, located right on the edge of the caldera with spectacular views on Bromo volcano. After a hot shower that we will need as never before on that trip, the afternoon and rest of the day at free disposal.
Note: If we already have come down from Semeru the evening before (see note for Day 14), this day is a spare day and at free disposal.
(Included: breakfast, lunch, porters and guides, tips, jeep transfers, good middle class hotel with private hot showers; not included: dinner).

DAY 15

Today is at free disposal. Bromo Volcano (2329m), one of the most active of Indonesia’s volcanoes (its last eruptions occurred in November 2000 and June 2004) and deeply venerated by Tengger’s Hindu community, is right before our eyes. An optional short walk to its crater and the area around is offered at around sunset,- a good suggestion to round-up the day
(Included: breakfast, hotel as night before; not included: lunch, dinner).

DAY 16

Before sunrise, 4WDs will take us to the summit of Mt. Pananjakan (2775m) on the E rim of the Tengger caldera,- perhaps the most fanous viewpoint of Indonesia. From here, the sunrise over the caldera, with the steeming peaks of Semeru and Bromo is a unique spectacle. After a late breakfast back at the hotel, we pack our minibus and drive through scenic landscapes until we reach the Ijen Plateau. We spend the night in the middle of the caldera and world-famous coffee plantations, in a comfortable and charming hotel (built by the Dutch colonialists as the headquarters of the coffee plantation around a century ago). Before dinner in the old colonial-style dining room, a hot bath in nearby natural hot springs will be an unforgettably relaxing experience. After dinner, a briefing about the following excursion to Ijen volcano – its structure, activity, hazards ,- is given.
(Included: Breakfast at camp, minibus transfers, lunch on the way, dinner, entry to hot pool, good standard hotel in rooms with private baths).

DAY 17

Early in the morning, well before sunrise, we drive a short way to the start of the trail that leads up to the active beautiful crater of Kawah Ijen volcano (ca. 1 hr climbing) with its famous blue acid lake (actually, the most acid in the world!) and the hot, partly liquid sulphur deposits. Actually, the dumaroles are so hot that sulphur comes out as green vapour. The vapour is collected by large pipes, at the exits of which it condenses, forming red rivulets of liquid sulphur, that then freeze to solid deposits, which are quarried to obtain huge blocks of pure sulphur.
Ijen’s sulphur deposits are infamous for the local workers who quarry the sulphur with primitive, health-devastating methods,- an incredibly hard job. Gas-masks are provided for the visit to the crater. After plenty of observation time, we leave the Ijen Plateau and drive down to the coast of the Bali Strait, where we can have a good lunch in a restaurant at the beach.
A top-end hotel overlooking the beach of the narrow passageway between Java and Bali with its many passing ships will be our last accomodation. The day is ended in the hotel’s excellent restaurant, where we will certainly celebrate, at the sound of waves and the lights of passing ships, our fresh adventures on this unusual trekking tour.
(Included: breakfast, bus transfers, entryfees to Kawah Ijen, guide, gas-masks, lunch, dinner, hotel night in top-end beach hotel).

DAY 18

The tour ends in Banyuwangi, the port to Bali, for some with an extension (e.g. on Bali with its paradise beaches), for some already with transport to the airport of Denpasar and connecting flight back to Jakarta airport.
(Included: breakfast, transfer to Denpasar airport or any other destination on Bali or nearby places in E Java on request, connecting domestic flight back to Jakarta (see *Note); not included: lunch, dinner, own arrangements for extension programs)

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